Intisi 7, the new concept in fire protection closures

Intisi launches a new concept in fire protection closures on the market with its Intisi 7 vertical fire curtains.

The R&D&I Department at Intisi has developed the first family of invisible fire curtains for smart enclosure of fires.
This achievement is based on the premise that a complex fire system must act in an intelligent manner against fire to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the system. Under this hypothesis, a project was born to create a new concept in fire curtains.
Intelligence is conferred to the system through the SI03c smart control core which, in conjunction with the different advanced components comprising the Intisi 7 vertical closure fire curtains, accounts for major progress in fire closures employing fabric technology.
The Intisi 7 vertical closure fire curtains have been thoroughly tested according to the requirements of the strictest European standards, and after a long testing process at APPLUS LGAI Technological Center laboratories, the system was certified with the EI120 fire classification with dimensions up to 22 meters x 6 meters or 16.5 meters x 8 meters (width x height respectively).