The first fire curtain suitable for protecting two fire sectors

Intisi has launched the first fire curtain rated EI120 on the market that is suitable for protecting two fire sectors.

The fire curtains for invisible fire protection closures are a non-conventional complex asymmetric system. As such, Intisi has developed the first EI120 rated fire curtains that are valid to protect areas with fire in two fire sectors.
For Intisi safety is a priority, which is why the Intisi 7 vertical closure fire curtain family is characterized by a design that favors effectiveness and reliability of the system under the least favorable conditions: When fire directly attacks the curtain components.
Intisi 7 vertical fire curtains are therefore the first curtains on the world to be certified according to the UNE EN 1634-1 standard suitable for protecting two fire sectors.
Intisi has always stood out by offering innovative fabric-based technology, since it is a specialist in Fire Engineered Fabrics.