About Intisi

INTISI was founded in Barcelona, Spain, and has become the world leader in manufacture and supply of fire curtains and textile smoke barriers.

While recognising the importance and relevance of providing the architecture and engineering to standards of confidence and freedom of design without compromising fire safety requirements, INTISI specialises in supplying innovative, technologically advanced textile solutions to limit the spread of fire and smoke in buildings.

Our wide range of products have been tested and certified by prestigious international laboratories in accordance with the very highest international standards, in strict compliance without our own quality management system based on ISO 9001.

Our success is the fruit of our “TECHNOLOGY POTENTIAL” which allows us to improve the way we protect people and property from fire, and this is endorsed by the presence of our products in over 40 countries.


INTISI has been a GRUPO PREFIRE company since 2010.

The GRUPO PREFIRE business group has specialised in protecting against fire right from its outset, providing new concepts, products and solutions for the market.

GRUPO PREFIRE is based on a culture and basic principles of a family business, which entails strong commitment in an environment of responsible business management. This translates as long-term thinking, with an outlook towards the future of solid, sustainable growth, generating trust and transparency with our customers, suppliers and workers, whilst being respectful with our environment.

The family environment and the Group’s innovation skills mean GRUPO PREFIRE is able to closely liaise with customers in the petro-chemical, automotive, construction and engineering industries through customizable concepts and solutions. This customer-oriented approach and selective application of decades of experience protecting against fire have contributed to developing new, competitive products.

FURTHER INFORMATION: www.grupoprefire.com