Intisi Technology & Innovation

ISF Gravity Fail Safe®

INTISI automatic curtains close by gravity at a safe speed thanks to ISF Gravity Fail Safe® technology, even without any power supply.

How it works

The tubular motor block LTP24 featuring in INTISI curtains has the following functions:

  • Keeping the INTISI curtain rolled up while it is at rest.
  • Controlling the closing speed.
  • Rolling the fabric in the tubular shaft to its rest position.

Nevertheless, in the event of fire the electricity supply is compromised.

In order to guarantee safe gravity closing, even if the main and auxiliary power supply fail, as required in the GRAVITY FAIL SAFE feature; INTISI curtains feature the ISF Gravity Fail Safe® technology with the LTP24 motor, which interacts with the INTISI smart control panel acting as a generator to create a constant flow of power to the system that guarantees effective operation of the GRAVITY FAIL SAFE feature.

INTISI Textile Technology

Technical textiles or technical use textiles (TUT), as many products and innovations, owe their rapid development to the aerospace and military industries, which have been investing in solutions to tackle different problems, including extreme environmental conditions, for decades.

This technological textile basis has been taken on board by INTISI owing to the array of possibilities it affords, and accounts for a major improvement in terms of quality for protection against fire.

INTISI develops textile technology to achieve the performance required for each fire protection solution under the stringent specific demands of this kind of product in terms of mechanical strength, heat resistance, resistance to UV or IR rays, insulation, etc.

The technical fabrics comprising INTISI fire resistance curtains are mainly made from mineral fiber glass, since their principal feature is for their structure to remain unaltered over time and unaffected by fire.

The main feature of fibre glass fabrics is that their fire resistance properties reside in the materials of their composition and do no depend in any case on a special outer finish or process treatment. This means that the fabric is woven from fibre glass (in themselves fireproof), making their properties inherent to the raw material.

Appropriately apply specific weaving methods, and integrating reinforcement items for the required performance through an in-depth functional design study, INTISI develops products that allow us to meet the different fire resistance ratings.

One Click Assembly

Because we are absolutely convinced that the only way to provide the market with a safe, reliable system is by controlling its cycle; all INTISI curtains are designed under the premises of quick, easy, ergonomic installation without any errors.

For this purpose, all the parts comprising INTISI curtains feature a “One Click” assembly system where the parts click into each other without the need for additional manipulation or external components.

  • Patented securing system, no special tools required.
  • Convenient, versatile installation.
  • Save time and money: 40% quicker installation.
  • Extremely stable unions between components.
  • Safe, long-lasting installation.
Poka-yoke components

The design of INTISI curtains includes mechanism without any flaws, through identification of any physical inconsistencies.

Skatip design

The securing devices used on INTISI curtains feature sliding ramps to improve ergonomic assembly.

ROLBRID telescopic system

During installation, the bridges work as tools to facilitate ergonomic assembly, thanks to their ROLBRID telescopic function.

Low friction guiding system

The closure rail on INTISI curtains, in conjunction with the GL side guides comprise the low friction system to enable automatic operation.

Loop system

Fabric securing protocol in a counterweighted closure rail which ensures fabric rigidity which can even compensate for irregularities of the floor.

Easy-fast system

Permits fitting or removing the INTISI LTP24 tubular motor block on the tubular roll-up axle smoothly and simply.

Electronic end of stroke adjustment

The end of stroke adjustment of INTISI automatic curtains is carried out electronically through the INTISI Smart Control Panels.


INTISI curtains are capable of resisting direct attack by fire throughout.

  • System capable of creating two fire sectors
  • Guaranteed integrity of all components
  • Safe and reliable
  • Certified performance

All materials fire resistance: the components used in INTISI curtains are made from materials that are capable of resisting direct fire in accordance with the fire rating required in each case.

Expansion joints: the items that are susceptible to reacting to heat in high temperatures of fire (contraction and expansion) used in INTISI curtains feature expansion joints in order to guarantee the integrity of the system in case of fire.

Sized quality: the components making up INTIS curtains have been studied and the dimensions calculated to deal with the heat and structural stresses they will be subjected to in case of fire.

INTISI-SC sprinkler system

INTISI 7 EI2120 fire curtains feature the INTISI-SC sprinkler system to ensure thermal insulation required for systems of this type.

  • Safe and reliable: closed K80 sprinkler nozzles with fast-acting bulb-type thermo-fuse that only activates in cases of high temperatures (over 68ºC) thus avoiding any flooding problems in the event of a false fire alarm.
  • Minimum water requirements: working pressure of 1 bar and installation of sprinklers every 2 linear metres of curtain, making INTISI 7 EI2120 fire curtains the system with least water consumption and water requirements on the market.
  • System only required on one side: the INTISI-SC sprinkler system is only necessary to cool one side of the curtain fabric.
  • Concealed sprinklers: the type of sprinklers used means they can be concealed in false ceilings.