Fire curtains with ABH technology

New INTISI 7 fire curtains with ABH technology for the safety of people and property.

Under the premise of safety, efficacy and efficiency, INTISI's R&D&i team has developed a new technology that not only increase the life of fire curtains but also limits the risk of friction breakage.

The textile technology applied to fire curtains offers high performance in the event of fires, however, it is sensitive to friction and can even break. Aware of this, INTISI designs each of the components of automatic fire curtains in such a way as to limit the risk of friction.
INTISI has launched the new range of INTISI 7 fire curtains with ABH (aerodynamics ball heads) technology. ABH technology consists of high-performance components that increase the fluidity of the fabric during its movement and limit the friction of the fabric with other components both in its passive state (without the fire affection) and in its active state (resisting the direct attack of the fire).

The company has an integrated continuous improvement system based on the LEAN system that allows us to improve and develop new products that help our clients to preserve their buildings and protect their occupants against fires.

The different technologies that make up the INTISI 7 fire curtains also facilitate assembly, reduce installation times, and guarantee their correct installation. However, INTISI only works with certified installers around the world who offer the quality of installation and maintenance that fire protection systems require as they are strategic in the field of global security.