Intisi is committed to digital transformation

With the aim of evolving towards Industry 4.0, we continue with the Digital Transformation Plan presented in 2019

This transformation process has been structured in three strategic areas: people, infrastructures and processes.

The digital transformation is not just about adding technologies to the company, but it is a global change of mentality. Therefore, we will invest in talent and action-oriented training, in accompanying people in the process of updating and adapting to their positions and roles. The challenge, in this sense is not technology, it is the management of change in people.

Although investments in technology have been maintaining a steady pace of growth in recent years, the plan will involve intensive investment in connectivity, digitization, process automation and security, making these areas a second strategic pillar of the plan.

Through the third pillar of processes, the customer-focused value chain is being transformed to improve the customer experience by offering new services, increasing collaboration with them, optimizing delivery times, increasing efficiency and being more agile.

"The digital transformation is not the future but the present, and in the last year 2020 its importance has become evident and has accelerated some points of the Plan that Grupo Prefire is integrating in each and every one of the companies that are part of the group" - says Elías López Giménez, CEO and founder of Grupo Prefire.
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