Why fire resistance curtains

Textile fire resistance curtains are by definition based on TEXTILE technology, which makes them extremely versatile and adaptable.


The technical fabrics comprising our fire resistance curtains are made from mineral fiber glass, since their principal feature is for their structure to remain unaltered over time and unaffected by fire.

The main feature of glass fibre fabrics is that their fire resistance properties are in the very materials they are made from, and are not dependent on any special outer finish or process treatment. This means that the fabric is woven from fiber glass (in themselves fire resistance), making their properties inherent to the raw material.


The extreme lightness of the technical fabric means solutions of large dimensions can be created to protect against fire without subjecting the building to major structural stress loads.


The flexibility of the fiber glass fabric means in can be rolled up in a small space.


These fire resistance curtains can remain concealed while they are at rest until the moment they are required. This means:

  • Not accounting for obstacles in normal conditions of use of the area.
  • Keeping natural light conditions in open plan areas.
  • Limiting damage from knocks or accidental operation.

Wide possibilities

The infinite possibilities of the raw materials, weaving methods and integration of components that enhance their features, allow us to create a wide range of textile solutions to comply with each fire resistance objective that is required at any given project.

Quick to install and easy to maintain

The straightforward, although not simple, composition of the system simplifies installation and reduces maintenance tasks to the minimum.