INTISI SI03c Smart Control Core


INTISI’s range of SI03c Smart Control Cores not only manage and control INTISI fire and smoke curtains, but they also make INTISI curtains feats of engineering to protect against fire.


They ensure controlled closure of the sectorisation barriers

Customised programming

The advanced processor allows storing a large number of programming parameters.


INTISI curtains are trained to resolve problems autonomously through a constant status of self-diagnosis and self-analysis.


The memory can store up to 255 events.


They provide the possibility of remote access to information in real time.


They allow people who are in the fire area to leave safely and intervention by fire-fighters.


There is a zone to connect fire detectors.

Peripheral Components

Peripheral Components


Advanced i3 processor designed using 32 bit architecture
Remote connectivity to advanced applications (WIFI, TCP-IP, etc.)
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)

Adjustable drop-down speed
Hall effect encoder that provides over 6000 bits of information per minute
Back-up 24V UPS that automatically manages and charges its batteries.

They can be connected to the building monitoring system.
230VAC/50Hz power supply.
Dimensions 315 x 320 x 85 mm

Low energy consumption
Emergency opening function for a programmed time



The advanced technology at the core of the SI03c smart control center allows customized programming in accordance with each customer’s requirements.

  • It allows basic programming directly on the control core.
  • Advanced programming is carried out through the Intisoft® application.
  • It features special emergency exit programming to evacuate trapped persons.

Intisoft® permits remote monitoring of the event log and system status (in real time).