INTISI MS17 Smart Control Unit


MS17 is the new control and modulation system for INTISI curtains, capable of guaranteeing efficient, effective operation of the system.


In the event of a fire, this unit is responsible for ensuring the curtain closes safely at a controlled speed without the need for any mains or auxiliary power supply.

Customised programming

Capable of providing a large number of functions.


INTISI curtains are trained to resolve problems autonomously through a constant status of self-diagnosis and self-analysis.


The memory can store up to 255 events.


They provide the possibility of remote access to information in real time.

Peripheral Components

Componentes perífericos


Control device for small sized curtains
Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
24V DC (20V – 30V) power supply

COM connector for connection to Intisoft
Maximum connection distance 3 metres
Requires a 24 v external power source

Coupled OPTO alarm signal input
Dimensions 200 x 150 x 90 mm
ABS plastic housing

IP65 protection rating



The MS17 Smart Control Unit allows for a large number of possibilities due to its programming possibilities.

  • It allows basic programming directly on the control core.
  • Advanced programming is carried out through the Intisoft® application.

Intisoft® permits remote monitoring of the event log and system status (in real time).